A real grownup

Reader, we bought a house. And have been working nonstop all weekend on making it a home. 

We started looking in October and after looking at a bunch of duds we found THE ONE. Hardwood floors, big open kitchen and living area, a pantry I could sleep in, fireplace, fenced in yard, the works. Offered below asking and just like that we were under contract! Until we weren’t…

As it turns out, that house was not THE ONE. See, it turns out one of the owners had been indicted for 5 counts of tax fraud, pled guilty, and had just filed for bankruptcy. Oops! If you’ve ever fallen in love with a house and imagined it as your home, you can understand the heartbreak we felt when we were told that we couldn’t buy the house. Many tears were shed. (All by me, none by Chris.) 

I took some time to lick my wounds (and confirm with Chris’s parents that we could move into their basement if we didn’t find a place before our lease was up), and eventually we got back to looking for our starter house. Second time around, even more duds! But this time I was emotionally disconnected from the process. No longer was I looking for my dream house, or a house I LOVED. We just wanted a house in a good neighborhood, in good condition, with enough space. Anything beyond that was icing on the cake. 

Obviously we found a place. And I love it. Right this moment I’m looking out the big picture window in the front room at our neighbor’s Christmas lights, waiting for Chris to get home with sushi. There is still a lot of work to be done (we still have plenty of stuff at our old apartment) but so far we are very happy with our little house. Beyond the list of immediate things to be done are a hundred changes we want to make. For now, though, my focus is getting us out of boxes and into Christmas trees!