Happy 2016!

Sometime around Thanksgiving I decided that it would be a great idea to throw a New Years Eve party. Because when you’re six months pregnant, the holiday you choose to celebrate should really be the late night one, not something easy like Easter which is typically celebrated mid-afternoon. 

I tend to stress over parties and convince myself that I don’t have enough food and that no one will show up. Which is funny because if I don’t think anyone will show I’m not sure who I need more food for. Needless to say, I overdo it on the food and drinks and end up drowning in leftovers, but it was a great night. Turns out, staying up until 2:30am when you’re six months pregnant is the equivalent to drinking nonstop until 2:30am when you aren’t pregnant. So yesterday morning was rough. 

Luckily, we had no plans and indulged in a lazy day binging Parks & Rec on Netflix, eating junk, and talking about what we want to do this year.

Really, my only ‘resolution’ for the year is to bring Baby Bradshaw into the world. But we decided to add a couple others, just for fun:

1. Have a baby

2. Snuggle the dogs more

3. Write a sci-fi-western-comedy screenplay

Here’s to a wonderful new year, a healthy baby, and happy dogs!