Dear Lucy – Month Seven

This month you got another round of vaccines, and you handled them like a champ! 20 seconds of crying and then you were fine. A little grumpy later in the day, but nothing too bad. You’re still tall and lean, just like your dad.

You’re sitting well, but you don’t seem to have any desire to learn how to get into a sitting position. Oh well. Still no teeth – where are they?! You spend most of your energy trying to crawl, and you get pretty frustrated when you can’t get where you want to go.

For a while you were very chatty – saying ‘hey dad’ (not really, obviously, but it sounded like that) but the past week or so you’ve been more quiet. We miss hearing your tiny voice.

The biggest change in your life is that Bopcha watches you now Monday through Thursday. You guys plays and go outside and when I come home you smell like her perfume. You guys both seem to be having a lot of fun together, and I’m so grateful we have this opportunity for you to spend time with your grandparents.

You cut your first tooth a week ago. You had been chewing on things a ton, and Sunday morning you were sucking in your bottom lip like you were hiding something. You hid it from Dad for a while, but he finally got a glimpse.

Aunt Amanda sent you a Stanley. When she and I were little we had an enormous stegosaurus plush that we called Stanley, and she saw one in a store and sent it to you all the way from Ireland. You love it.

Things You Love: Do-Re-Mi, when I make a sound like I’m clearing my throat, when someone ‘honks’ your nose, Midas (especially kisses from Midas), when I tickle your feet, mangoes, your new Stanley, bath time, when Daddy calls you ‘baby bear’, pulling my hair, emptying the book shelf

Things You Don’t Love: green beans, when we don’t feed you right when you want to be fed, sleeping anywhere but your crib, long car rides when you are alone in the back seat and it’s not nap time