Dear Lucy – Month Eight

Oh, Lucy Bear. My heart aches when I look at you – you’re becoming such a big girl!

You’ve progressed from ‘hey da’ to all sorts of noises, yays, tatatas and screeches. You love to fake cough. It’s hilarious. People don’t believe you do it until they hear it. When we feed you, your ‘mmm’s and ‘numnumnum’ chanting is unbearable. You are the cutest.

Dad and I just stare at you and say to each other how stunning you are. You take our breath away every day.

You love to whisper to some of your toys. You crawled once, but never since. It was to get to a dog toy. You love the remotes, and we joke that you spend half your time awake trying to get to them. You’ll dance a little when there is music on, and you still love when I sing to you. 

You learned to give kisses the other day (a day before you turned 8 months) and it was heartbreaking. I’d had a horrible day and you grabbed my face and planted the most tender little kiss on my lips. I shouted for Dad, and then you did it again. Somehow you knew I needed it.