Dear Lucy – Month Nine

I left you for the first time overnight for a work trip. It was only three nights, but more like four until I saw you since I got in so late. It was awful. You and Dad did fine, but I missed you guys so much. We FaceTimed every day, and I looked forward to it all day. You’d smile and squeal and wave to me.

Speaking of waving, it’s your favorite new trick. You wave when someone says ‘hi’ or ‘bye’, when you see the dogs, when anyone says the word ‘wave’…you’re smitten with this new skill. I’m working on teaching you to blow kisses, but you don’t seem as interested in that one.

You call for the dogs now, but it sounds like ‘duck’. And when my parents take you on walks and you see the ducks, those are ‘duck’, too. In short, things that move that aren’t people seem to be ducks.

The other day you learned to make clicking noises, and it’s predictably adorable. You picked that one up fast, you’re such a verbal kid.

As fast as you’re crawling, it seems you’re getting ready to leave that behind and start walking. When we’re holding you, you seemed convinced that if we just put you down you could run after the dogs, or climb the stairs. You climb all over everything these days, and sit back on your knees proudly. You’re just starting to take little steps holding onto us or the furniture, and I can’t wait to see how you react to the sit and stand toy we bought you for Christmas.

In fact, I can’t wait to see how you react to Christmas in general. The other night at the Bradshaw Christmas Party you met Santa and Mrs Claus, and you LOVED them. Especially Santa’s beard. You smiled and talked and we all just melted. You’re the happiest baby – people can’t get enough of you.

You love to read, and bounce in your big bouncer toy, and feed the dogs from your high chair. You don’t like us to feed you anymore, you want to eat like a big girl. Which is challenging, because you aren’t great at getting small things into your mouth, and we can’t give you big pieces of food…but we’ll get it figured out.

I can’t believe you’re growing up so fast! We are so proud of you, so grateful to be your parents, and so excited every day to see what you’ll do next.