Dear Lucy – Month Ten

You’re my little monkey! Climbing everywhere, with no regard for your own safety. Sometimes I wish you would just sit still, but I love how active and mobile you are now. You pull yourself up on everything, climb up stairs, and think you can walk. You’re now starting to let go of whatever you’re holding onto when standing or walking, but luckily you’ve learned to fall on your bum instead of forward.

Closing the door in your room has become a favorite activity, as well as chasing the pups. You’re fearless, and I love that about you.

Your favorite toys are the zebra sit and stand, books, and your toy with the animals that pop up. You love to put them away. You’re also quick to make a mess – you pull everything out of the bookshelf, the laundry basket, your carseat, my bag, anything.

This month you discovered plain yogurt – your favorite food so far. Meals are getting messier everyday because you only want to do it yourself.

You love to dance, and to shout ‘dance’ when you wiggle. Lately you stopped clapping, waving, and making clicking noises, but I’m hoping it’s just a phase and you’re distracted by standing and trying to walk. Whenever we come to get you from a nap or in the morning you’re standing in your crib, waiting for us. You sing, too. Tiny little noises and you tip your head back and forth while you do it.

You’re obsessed with door hinges. It’s weird.

We took you sledding for the first time up at the cabin. You seemed…neutral about it. You loved playing with your cousins (I think mainly you loved all the attention). You’ll stand on your own for a few seconds, but don’t seem in a rush to take solo steps just yet. I’m fine with that. I love watching you grow, but I’m OK with you staying my Baby Bear for a while longer.