Dear Lucy – Month Eleven

I can’t believe you’re almost a year old. Even though we still call you Honey Badger, it is clear you do care quite a bit about Dad and I. You’ve become so attached, sometimes you get upset if I leave the room just for a moment. I won’t lie – I love it.

At your most recent pediatrician appointment, we were asked if you show us what you want. At the time, you weren’t, but you definitely show us what you DON’T want. You continue to be opinionated, just like mom.

Your favorite foods are yogurt, strawberries, and clementines. You love feeding yourself, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it and still want to be spoon fed. You’re adventurous with your tastes – I think people are surprised to find you’ll eat salmon, chicken, black beans, zucchini, almost anything. Dad is still somewhat heartbroken at your banana aversion, but maybe you’ll get over it.

You love to dance, play ‘where’s Lucy?’ (where you pop out from behind furniture, or under blankets), and walk along the furniture. You’re standing on your own now, but haven’t taken any steps yet. Soon, I think. Doors still hold your interest. You close the door to your room, swing it back and forth, and now you’ve discovered cabinets.

Your vocabulary hasn’t expanded much yet – dance, dogs, duck and recently, Jack. You also say ‘look’ but I don’t think you know what it means. In the morning when I get you from your crib, you love to snuggle a toy and give it kisses, and recently you’ve started petting things, as well.

Your hair has gotten thick! It’s still white blonde, and so soft. Your eyes are still blue, I think they’ll stay that way.

You love to play with your cousins, and they sure love you, too. Delilah and Boston are particularly smitten, and it’s adorable. They love to hand you toys and get you to say ‘dog’.

I’m so blown away by you. Dad and I both are. You are sweet and funny, determined, and so, so beautiful. We love every day with you, Lucybear.